Rukmini’s collection of Latest Hairstyle Trends

hairstyles that outdid in 2020

We have witnessed some of the extravagant South Indian brides Hairstyles throughout the year for all occasions. Year 2020 has been tough for us all yet we saw some beautiful designs than ever before. And few among them even stole the event with their utmost grace. Let’s take a quick tour on the hairstyles that […]

Blast from the past – eVERGREEN hAIRSTYLES

Fashion, I think revolves in circular motion. As in a circle, you come back to a certain point again and again, there are patterns that are pop up often. Old-fangled hairstyles may seem to be lost from the tradition, but it isn’t. Every now and then we are witnessing the retro hairstyles in one form […]

Celebrating the love between MOTHERS and daughters

Mothers and daughters share a special bond. This is indescribable, beautiful and unconditional. The dynamics of this relationship changes with time and friendship grows organically. Mother and daughter grow to support and serve constant inspiration for each other. A mother in all her capabilities tries to give the best of everything to her daughter by […]

simple yet classic hairstyles for every OCCASION

Many a times, it is challenging to get ready in time for a function. Often we are engaged with lot of work and look ahead to go for simple and comfortable hairstyles. More importantly, we need styles that can be done quickly and effortless. We have tried to bring together some of such simple and […]

a medly of music, dance and swaying curls

The most fun and frolic of all the wedding events is Sangeeth. From a toddler to elderly, everyone looks forward and indulges themselves in tunes of peppy music and groovy moves. The event gives joy and pleasure to everyone who is there and creates a platform to be happy every second. This could be one […]

enhancing the saree look with these breathtaking Hairstyles

Sarees are Indian girls favourite dress. Any occasion, saree is the way. With various kinds of sarees and styles of wearing, saree represent the Indian culture. Though saree seems to be the perfect attire for any event, hair styles are a task for most of the women because the expectations that is set to match […]

Glorify your Hair with these Twisted Hairtyles.

Twisting up Hairstyles will give your hair a phenomenal design to which all the hearts will throb. It Isn’t that easy to provide a promising hairstyle which will satisfy not only you but all the gazes that looks up to you. We always ensure to cover the new designs that pops up at every period […]

styling the ethereal maang tikkas for the brides

Maang Tikka is an important accessory for a bride. This being part of the facial make up, it is crucial to choose the one that sits the face and matches with the rest of the jewellery. Most importantly, styling of maang tikka may change the look of the bride and it can enhance the beauty […]

FASCINATING hairstyles for memorable maternity photoshoots

In the recent times, photoshoots during maternity period is becoming a rage. A lot of preparations are carried out to make this a memorable one throughout life. Styling of hair is quintessential, which will defines the real pleasure of having such event. Let’s take a tour and explore some cool and breezing hairstyles. Bun hairstyle […]

curls and coils for cutie pies

Kids aren’t an exception towards grooming their style to current trend and in fact the kids nowadays are demanding a lot more towards collections and newer designs every now and then. Indeed more importance and details towards design is required to uphold the same charmness of the kids. Their hairstyles has to be one such […]


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