hairstyles that outdid in 2020

We have witnessed some of the extravagant South Indian brides Hairstyles throughout the year for all occasions. Year 2020 has been tough for us all yet we saw some beautiful designs than ever before. And few among them even stole the event with their utmost grace. Let’s take a quick tour on the hairstyles that has enthralled us.

Traditional Hairstyle by vijayaraghavan_hairstylist3133

This is a lavish single plait with floral rings at the top of the plait in several layers. This pretty bride chose flowers in combinations of white and gold which match exactly with her gold and white stone accessories. Jada billas are decorated along the length of the plait. Red and white stones with pearls drops embedded on the golden billas compliment the red tissue kanjeevaraam she has worn.

Amazing Hairstyle by abi_makeup_artist

Highlight of this hairstyle is the long golden jada in a traditional design. There is a lakshmi devi in padamasanam at the top of the golden jada. Beneath this are two peacocks with heads placed together in welcoming position. The long jada following below looks like feathers placed on either sides of the jada.

Mesmerizing Hairstyle by pellipoolajada

Netted jasmine jada though looks complicated, this is most elegant style among the poolajadas. This exorbitant design covers the entire length of the hair and completes the look. Floral wreath at the top of the jada can be customized.

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Enthralling Hairstyle by saraganeshmakeupartist

For someone looking for a simple jada and are unable to decide between a golden jada and floral plait, this is a perfect style. Graceful single plait hairstyle with golden jada billa’s covered in malli poo background which is swirled to the entire jada length is enticingly beautiful.

Fantastic Hairstyle by radha_makeup_artist

Bun and plait in a single hairstyle is quite unconventional. Bun is decorated with jasmines and inverted crown. Along the length of the plait, jada billas are decorated. The pearl drops from the jada billas enhanced the look of the jada.

Pleasing Hairstyle by

Long single plait hairstyle with descending sized golden jada billa with a pinch of floral ring can be your go to style for the days in hurry. This is a simple and classy style.

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Charming Hairstyle by pannasmakeuppvtltd

For someone who loves sporting matching outfits and accessories, this is a bang on. The bride customized her hair style with accessories that match her saree. vibrant Hair accessories in artistic artificial has never ending varieties. Beautiful and rich looking flowers looks vibrant.

Authentic Hairstyle by hairytalebykomal

It’s seldom we see a silver jada. For kanjeevaram’s with silver tissue or border, this single jada with intricately designed beads and stone embedded circular jada billas are perfect.

Fantastic Hairstyle by pellipoolajada

This floral jada is most common of the types of jada we see currently. Because of the easily available roses, jasmines and gold wreath, this is mostly preferred. Besides beauty, the rose petals are always a hit and last for several hours without withering.

Elegant Hairstyle by durga_hair_stylist

This is one of the beautiful pattern of jada i have seen. The jada billas are in descending order. Lakshmi devi billas with peacocks form a pattern along the length of the jada.

Hope you all liked the patterns we have featured. Please let us know your favourite by commenting below.

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