a medly of music, dance and swaying curls

The most fun and frolic of all the wedding events is Sangeeth. From a toddler to elderly, everyone looks forward and indulges themselves in tunes of peppy music and groovy moves. The event gives joy and pleasure to everyone who is there and creates a platform to be happy every second. This could be one of the crucial yet an unforgettable moment for the bride. A bride is supposed to perform, maintain her hair and makeup and look ravishly fresh all the time. This is rather challenging while performing and getting lost in the masti mood. Here we bring to you some of the best hairstyles adorned by the real brides.

Staggering Hairstyle by hairbyanishanagpal

This bride went for a lose hair with semi curls that gave her a magic look. Matching maang tikka gave a fusion look of tradition and modern.

Overwhelming hairstyle by beautybinges

Accessories give a rich look to the hair. Matching florals either real or artificial can add beauty and highlights the hairs.

Astonishing Hairstyle by ritikahairstylist

It’s always a child’s play when you go for simple free hairstyle which requires zero effort but does its jobs perfcetly well.

Bracing Hairstyle by hemahegde

Tiny Double plait style knitted into a criss cross pattern followed by thick single plait hairstyle with embedded dual coloured flowers gave the perfect party look.

Auspicious hairstyle by noopurchokshi_amichokshi

More of an Semi curled hairstyle but with little twist supplemented with white roses gave an exhilarating feel.

Well established Hairstyle by vedya.hmua

Some good old stuff never fades from our tradition. Accessorizing the single plait hairstyle with various patterns delivers unique beauty everytime.

Invigorating Hairstyle by _sapphirestudio

Neatly curled and twisted hairstyle with rejuvenating small chunks of baby breaths gives a revitalizing look.

Vitalizing hairstyle by make_up_by_sweta

Grab the most out of your thick hair and go for something always unique. Heavily twisted hairstyles with stunning violet flowers on top of baby breath gives dazzling look.

Electrifying Hairstyle by sai_suvetha.hairandmakeup

Fin shaped design at the front, then a mesmerizing Rose design at the mid followed by traditional Single Plait hairstyle with minimal red roses provides a rich classy look.

Delightful hairstyle by makeupbyaishaa

The very exact moment your hair starts to perform with you during your sangeeth moment will be so enliving to witness it. Curled free hairstyle could be one among that.

Let us know what’s your favourite among these.

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