simple yet classic hairstyles for every OCCASION

Many a times, it is challenging to get ready in time for a function. Often we are engaged with lot of work and look ahead to go for simple and comfortable hairstyles. More importantly, we need styles that can be done quickly and effortless. We have tried to bring together some of such simple and classic styles specially curated for you. Then, why delay. Let’s jump and have a quick look at these styles.

Tenacious Hairstyle by shibin4865

Simple free hairstyle with curls are always the best and suitable any person. You can tweak this with few curls and hair colour highlights will make it more attractive and trendy.

Impeccable Hairstyle by rashisehgalofficial

Graceful free hairstyle with numerous string curled hairs goes well with lehengas and half sarees. This is a contemporary style and a mostly preferred by the millennials.

Super Lacious hairstyle by lavanyaeuginebridalmakeup

Single plait is all time fashionable style. The plait with minor modifications as per the current trend suits Indian outfits and sarees. Loose plaits are the current favourite for many of us and this gives a beautiful look.

Sturdy Hairstyle by google

Wherever we are, we could witness at least one Bun hairstyle with varied add-ons. Bun with flowers or wreath is a hairstyle that our grand moms adorned and so shall we.

Vehement Hairstyle by inderkaurmakeup

Curls have time and again rescued us with their lovely twists and turns. Adding accessories like a bunch of flowers will enhance the look and makes you look special.

Passionate Hairstyle by sunnymua

Ohh yeah the Pony tail which is always the favourite for all ages. When it’s given an additional beauty of baby breath like a mid crown is a complete pack of smasher.

Convincing Hairstyle by archanarautela

Reformed pony hairstyle of curly & wavy hairstyle stands as a firm & bold style at its own form.This goes well with Skirts, jeans, gowns or for a regular formal meeting. Basically, a universally accepted style that chic and comfortable.

Impressive Hairstyle by Pinterest

Sweet & crisply straightened free hair with a bit of hair pulled up at front forming a curly style is definitely stunning.

Influential Hairstyle by rihinikakade

Well built free hairstyle with strong curl hairstyle and adorned bunch of some multi colored roses gives a vibrant look.

Compelling Hairstyle by nayna_savla

Cylindrical shaped ponytail from the Fin style followed by two curvy thick hair with hair pin is something new to fashion.

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