PRETTY jhoomar Accessories for rukku Hairstyle

Jhoomar is the rare hair accessory which is worn on sides of the hair. It is a very popular accessory for Indian Bride foreHead / Hair Decoration. Jhoomar is traditionally worn by Muslims. There is something very elegant about its slanting fall. 

Beautiful Jhoomar by jagdishjewellerschandigarh

Attached along with the maang tikka, white pearl stripes connecting the jhoomer having extended peacock design having florals with green and red stones at the center is so pleasing with the matching jewels.

Gorgeous Jhoomer by savleenmanchanda

Triangle shaped jhoomar with intense stone work extended with jhumkas gives you a dangling experience providing you the most elegant look you could ever have.

Impressive Jhoomar by shahid_naar

Round embellishment having wings imprinted with white stones has the extension of pearl strings connecting to the crescent moon shape with so much of designs inside will never disappoint to surprise you.

Breathtaking Jhoomar by shalinisingh1909

Such a wonderful jhoomer having stripes of beads with different colors in the beads itself forms a pleasing appearance followed by a beads stand attached with artificial yellow floral to the center is so classy.

Striking Jhoomar by google

Inclusion of numerous designs in a single piece of jewel is always on top of the women’s choice when it carries a lot of intricate design with so much of detail to the design is simply mesmerizing

Remarkablle Jhoomar by pinterest

Be it glassy finish to reflect all the lights to cover all the gaze around or beads with glittering effects is also a unique design to meet your expectation without any flaw.

Impressive Jhoomar by google

Such a versatile piece and so stunning, The combination of white beats at the mid and green beats at the end is so perfectly matched to her outfit is simply out of the world.

Astonishing Jhoomar by pinterest

This Gold and silver chain type jhoomar is simply breathtaking. And this one is sure to fire up your bridal outfit in ways like no other.

Incredible Jhoomar by google

Matte silver design with tiny dark red beads at the endings gives so auspicious fashionable look to add more stunning gaze to your overall outfit.

Amazing Jhoomar by google

Pearls plays an inseparable role in jewels as it adds so much of glam to whatsoever design of jewel it may be, these colored pearls instantly makes it the eye catchy amongst all.

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