Rukku loves gold jada to enhance her wedding day look

Women of every age have always been in love with gold ornaments. It’s an integral part of their daily wear moreover an organ kind of attachment. Especially when it comes for wedding, a life changing moment of a girl to a woman, covered by gold ornaments from tip to toe to cherish the lifetime moment. Many a thing included in the braid’s jewels list, enhancing the list to the next level of tradition and adding weightage above all is the Jada covered entirely with Gold.

Duo traditional hairstyle – sohtoutchmakeupartistry

An Enlarged V shape included with Gold beads hanging at every transition with alternate Red and Green stones included at the center looks perfectly well designed

Traditional Bridal Hairstyle – Banglore Photo Talkies

Even the tiniest detail matters. But what we have got for you is one such masterpiece which includes Lakshmi Idol carved at the top along with peacock design all along the way

Traditional Hairstyle – Designs By Sakina Ahmed

Gold matched with golden braid’s saree, enlightens the moment, convoluted from the very start followed by stepped designs provides breathtaking look

Traditional Bridal Hairstyle – Lyrics Studio Photogrphy

Another labyrinthine design with Lakshmi idol carved throughout the entire design having individual designs at every other piece as the crown is a gem among all

Bridal Hairstyle – Makeup By Vejetha

Two distinctive pieces covering a lot of details with a inverted V shape having cute beads dangling at each ends is a dramatic sketch

Amazing Traditional Hairstyle – Makeup Studio Academy by Kiinjal

A beautiful sense of art with an idol and filled up completely without an inch of free space given makes a braid Spellcaster

Beautiful Gold Jada – Radha Makeup Artist

Wings of fires attached with floral designs at both ends attached too the center design is an unmatchable piece of work providing distinctive beauty to the braid

Wedding Hairstyle –Rvrpro

Chakra at the center accessorized with beads followed by peacock design with white stones along with Green and Red emerald stones till the tip is an astounding design

Bridal Hair do – Steff Hair and Makeup

Spectacle Gold Jada having a solid piece of stepped Lakshmi Idol without any unnecessary accessories, stands solid and rocking in its unique way

Amazing Hairstyle – Joyalukkas

Never seen like anything before the enormous amount of gold carved into one outstanding gold Jada with lot of work area to carve numerous designs without any limitations

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