Maang tikka is the perfect touch of elegance to wedding look

According to Indian culture, the Maang tikka is a traditional piece of head jewelry that is worn by South Asian women on their wedding day/other significant cultural events. It gives the bride power, will and wisdom to handle her new journey in life. The Maang tikka is also adorned on the bride to protect her from evil eye and any negative energy. The spot where it resides, the Agya Chakra, also signifies the holy union of man and woman on a spiritual, physical and emotional level.

Wedding Maang Tikka – Bright Moon Production

The beauty gets elevated when a pinch of fashion is added. A mix of Oval and round shape along with Dark shaded beads goes well with all kind of ethnic wears.

Simple Design Maang Tikka – Kanmani_manoharan

When you don’t want to cover up your entire forehead, yet you want to exhibit your elegance then this small stoned Maang tikka will be the perfect go.

Pearls and Gold beads Maang Tikka – Maheshwarun Photography

Throwing up yourself in a Classy look? Then this will ensure to preserve the look that you have an image made up in your mind. Classical Suites can opt for this gold beaded Maang tikka with Pearls.

Kundhan Maang Tikka – Makeover with Lakshmi Shetty

Kundan Maang tikka is an evergreen choice amongst brides. It is an Artistic piece of jewelry that is Blazing, but still boosts your Charmness.

Matching Maagtikka for Traditional Outfit –

Traditional Wears always go Blistering when worn with matching Jewels. On top of everything, sits this Astounding traditional Maang Tikka along with a piece of Synthetic Emerald.

Reception Maang Tikka – Nakshathra Nagesh

The gazillion of unique and edgy Maang tikka designs, but still there isn’t none that we found to be as pretty as this Chaand Maang tikka design.

Green Kundhans Maang Tikka – Photographer Ajay

A small and cute kundan Maang tikka with a hint of green enamel would be enough to match with your style quotient

Gold Maang Tikka – Renuka Mua

The Golden Maang tikka with small white beads at the edges gives a complete traditional look.  It can add that perfect touch of treasure to your wedding outfit. 

Party Hairstyle with Maang Tikka – Thiva Mua

Few prefer beauty at the simplest form, who has a thing for minimal jewelry, these minimal Maang tikkas should definitely be your top pick. They are light weight and won’t make you feel too heavy on the head.

Trending Maang Tikka – Vinu Paravoor Photography

Apart from all those designs, Golden Antiques steals the show irrespective of the gathering. These Hand Carved Golden Maang Tikka’s suites for almost every outfit and glows in all kinda lighting’s.

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