in a world full of trends, rukku want to remain classic

Classical hairstyle can be seen at two different extremes. One being the modest classy where the hairstyle goes all the way up to her Neck, sometimes even the chin too. But the other side of the classy is remain Untouched and stable at its own beguiling. In-order to make you stylish, yet wants to remain to your classy expectation, we have arranged the below list for your consideration.

Amazing Hairstyle –Pellipoolajada

Classy at its originality with beautiful saree needs a classical hairstyle to match it. This one is way better for your wear with matching light blue florals adds more charm to your overall look.

Traditional hairsgtyle- Roop Ratna Beauty

Being the brightest attraction needs a contrasting style to attract the gaze of your audience. Neatly done classical hairstyle with yellow florals added to the base of baby breath flowers is simply alluring.

Trending Hairstyle – Makeup By Preeya

When Silk sarees comes into play for classical styles, then choosing the suitable hairstyle is a child’s play. Gold color plated plastic baby breathe with Purple florals will seduce everyone at first glance itself.

Amazing Hairstyle –Neel Bridal Studio

More stylistic outfit requires a trendy hairstyle it match the look. But if you are not a big fan of trendy and still wanting a classical, this one is way too easy to opt and if requires you can accessory your hairstyle with varying sizes of small white bead rings to get the elegancy.

Trending Hairstyle – Pinterest

One step ahead, symmetrical shapes having baby breathe at the base and florals of your choice will drive your mind crazy by providing an aesthetic appeal.

Beautiful Hairstyle – Pure Beauty by Latha

Hypnotizing outlook doesn’t come that easy. But what if you can have it with a classical hairstyle? Yeah, your simplicity will be matched with this pinky florals and is so captivating.

Awesome Hairstyle – Reenapaiva

Oh yes! Classical styles are so charismatic. Even a pass by cloud will lend a second and will pass the gaze on this ravishing one. Straightforward curves and bends having Mulla poo, stand atop of all.

Beautiful Hairstyle – stea_makeup

Lehengas requiring different genre to throw up beauty, then classical is one best option to opt for. Long or short hair, steps with white bead rings forming a round pattern matches so well to your outfit.

Traditional Hairstyle – Pellipoolajada

Too much traditional outfit can be matched with classical hairstyles too. One such example is this one having brighter and richer option of baby breathe along with Rose buds placed on top of leaves is an astounding option.

Fabulous Hairstyle – Pinterest

Simple and elegant can be defined by many different styles. Being elegant at your simplest form is the real beauty that’s going to cherish you completely is this curled and twisted at same time with fitments of Pink florals and baby breathe is a noteworthy.

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