Sun-Moon Hair Ornaments for Divine blessings

Gold Sooryan (Sun) and Chandran (Moon) Head ornaments are slowly going out of girl’s jewel boxes and today Rukmini feature some beautiful Sun-Moon jewellery inspiration pictures.

I feel, Its always better to make one set of sun-moon in gold, as gold ornaments craftsmanship and beauty is definitely different from the artificial ones. I love wearing these sun-moon ornaments whenever i wear my pattu-pavada.

Celebrities Adoring Sun-Moon Head ornaments for Bridal photoshoots

Royal Ladies wearing gold Sooryan-Chandran Head ornaments in Raja Ravi Varma Paintings

Goddess Bala Tripura Sundari adored with all jewellery and i wish you adore your kids too in the same way like goddess. In Mythological texts, it is given Sun shaped ornament is to be pinned on right side and Moon on left side.

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