Exquisite Braided Hairstyles that makes everyone captivate

Choosing a bridal hairstyle can be quite a hassle. Every girl has her own dream of having the Quintessential hairstyle to give the elegance look that perfectly matches with her bridal outfit. From Being the simple floral design, hairstyles for the braid has evolved into one of the much-needed attractive part of braid. The Florals being attached to the intricate designs gives the jaw dropping appearance. So, we have curated a list – “Exquisite braid hairstyle that makes everyone captivate”.

Messy Braid by Aanalsavaliya

Love classy! Nothing beats the sheer opulence of this red roses floral hairstyle for the most romantic milestone of your life! Love how these red roses draw all your attention towards her sheer glitter white beats and flower with twisted plait hair completely, complement her pretty braid to feel outta heaven!

Fishtail & Rosy Braid by Simmymakwana

Planning to go for a Modern Reception look, then you can go for this Fish tail and Rosy braid hairstyle for reception to add more glam to your overall look. The cute little white flower petals placed at perfect intervals, add more and more charm to your overall modern look.

Mermaid Braid by Simmymakwana

If you are having long, thick and beautiful hair, then you can add more volume to your hair by having this Mermaid Braid Hairstyle.And now you are ready to grab everyone’s attention with your mesmerising glam look.

Messy Pull Through Braid by Ritika Hairstylist

Another one for those having really thick and long hair, can also consider this Messy Pull through Braid hairstyle. The baby pink florals matched to the braid’s outfit is placed certainly all the way along the Criss cross flow.

Messy Braid by Makeup _by_Ramya

Looking for Bright outfit and a matching hairstyle, then this Messy Braid Hairstyle would be the Faultless and Regretless choice. Added with two-Tone flowers is the most charismatic option you will ever have.

Pull Through & Fishtail Braid by MakeoversbyRamya

If your plan is to wear a saree on your wedding reception day, then believe us this Pull through & Fish Tail hairstyle will complement beautifully and will complete your marriage look. And add a few tiny flowers to get the alluring appeal.

Prom Braid by MakeuphairbyVinyasahippla

Just Look at this Luscious Prom Braid Hairstyle which never looks similar but a Unrepeatable Whimsical look and everyone will be left smitten by your bridal beauty.

Twisty Braid by Mishavig Makeup Studio

When Classy and Fashion meets for your wedding, then going with Twisty Braid would be your perfect option you will ever choose. It will definitely make you look like a diva on your wedding day.

Messy Braid by Sharmith Makeover

Ravishing Bridal hairstyle with Messy Long style accessorised with an Arc of Beautiful red roses gives a Heavenly look and can be worn for any of your wedding function.

Prom Braid by Pylptel

A lot of modish braids are swearing by the raging trend of Messy hairstyle. One among them is this Prom Braid hairstyle.Curled and twisted into each other looks flaunt less till the very end.

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