Love for Mullai! Mangalore floral Style check by rukku

Many artificial floral decorations to your Jada is available in the market depend on our outfit, based on occasions, color criteria’s, designs and much more. Lot of them provides the aesthetic look you are expecting without much effort. But are they really going to make you real excited and pleasing aroma all around you? Never! So, Lets get your gorgeousness with real touch of traditional elegance by opting for the original Mulla Poo for your hairstyle and bring back our heritage. Mulla Poo’s are so authentic in their nature and provides the anticipated feel irrespective of the occasion.

Floral Poolajada by Vinyasahippla

Tightly packed onto each other forming individual rings around the Jada followed by multiple steps all the way down with golden embellishment at each epicenter is amazing

Beautiful Hairstyle done by Chaitali Patel

Wrapped up completely without leaving an inch gap is so remarkable and stands out so cool without any accessories added to it

Amazing Hairstyle Captured by Vinu Vicky

Disc-shaped from the very top reducing in their size to the bottom, with added Rose Buds packed closely encircling at the top is so unique.

Gorgeous Mulla poojada by google

A Revivifying kind of design with Mulla Poo, while passing our gaze is just mesmerizing the very moment. The beauty of the Jada remains unchanged and enhances the presence promptly.

Traditional Poolajada by Aanchalbalaraj

Layers of flowers adds beauty to you, and more layers will provide charisma. One such kind is this design having Red velvet flowers as top layer followed by Baby breathe and then Mulla Poo with golden embellishment is so charming.

Reception Hairstyle by Sejal Savaliya

Apart from sarees, reception wears out of saree bound too can have the taste of Mulla Poo. This one is curled and provided some space to let your hair have few additional accessories to enhance your Jada.

Wedding Poolajada – Avani Designs Studio

Straightforward look may look quiet blank, but that’s the not the case in having a Mulla Poo design to your Jada will Enchanter your overall look and feel.

Charismatic Mulla Poo Jada by saraidrees_

Too much of accessories covering up may sometimes suppress your beauty. So, in order to express you completely, this Mulla Poo Jada just sits there without much inconvenience yet providing a gorgeous look.

Traditional Hairstyle captured by Suhitha Shetty

Oh yeah! Mulla poo, stand atop of all when it is arranged in steps and added beauty is in middle of the decoration the red flower makes a best combination.

Awe-inspiring Mulla Poo Jada by google

Designing a Jada have numerous ways but to look straightforward and Uncomplicated yet looking so spectacular is this one. Placed horizontally up and down in a straight line looks fabulous and pleasing to the eyes

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