Champa Swaralu- Ear and Hair Jewellery

Accessorizing for all Traditional occasion is a never-ending chase of a women’s life. One amongst is Maateelu which is a chain shaped jewel used to hook in the hair/ear from the earring stud. This is usually a bridal hair ornament, which adds more beauty to the bride. Tradition never gets lost, instead it Evolves. We might have seen Maateelu in many different shapes and designs, yet still never stopped evolving into a mandatory piece of jewel for a bride

Hanging Champasavaralu by Paisel Pop

Expecting a grand looking Champa Savaralu with numerous small Jhumkas hanging all the way from your ear stud to hair? All along with similar look of gold finish, this one would be your choice.

Gold Champa Savaralu Captured by Roma Ganesh

Women never say no when they get multi design in a single piece of jewel. This Golden distinctive detailed champa savaralu carries uniqueness in each single part of it.

Maateelu with Pink Stones Maateelu Captured by Vivek Krishnan

Maateelu’s always holds intricate shapes to deliver its intention. Leafy design with Pink stones adds loveliness worn along with matching jewels.

Colourful Champa savaralu designed by Art Karat

If you are looking for Champa Savaralu which doesn’t dangle but still wants its Elegancy, then this one would be your eye catchy. New design all along with Cute white little bead strings is just lovely.

Gold and Pearls Champa Savaralu by Zahana

We aren’t over with the talk of Intricate designs and yeah here comes the one, the finest artwork in a champa savaralu you can ever imagine off. Peacocks with consecutive Red and green colored stones is Awful

Butta Hanging Champa Savaralu by Paisley Pop

A round of stones stud earrings with Exquisite pearls and Jumki strings looks simple in its way, but never faded its originality.

Simple and Beautiful Champ Savaralu by Totaram Jewelers

Simple earring at front with a two tier maateelu. One carries Split design having placed with White stones at the center and the second tier carries two strings of White pearls looks delightful.

Kaasu Model Champa Savaralu by South India Jewels

Bored of seeing some old-fashioned models! Want to add more weight to your look? Go for this Gold Kaasu models placed instead of boring designs with Pearls Strings.

Bahubali Ear Chain – The Loom

Looking something with Innumerable Pearls? Opt this Bahubali Earring with Golden Colored Jhumkas added with Contrasting white Pearls gives Astounding Perfectness of Style.

Beautiful and Attractive maateelu by Art Karat

Delighted to wear a lot of Jewels with Lot of small detailed designs? This one has all its uniqueness with ceaseless goddess look.

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