andal kondai

Since in times of ages, the root of Aandal Kondai is antediluvian. To know the root of this Aandal Kondai, let’s get into a short story. A granny and her granddaughter are going for a traditional marriage.  After few minutes of gaze, the granddaughter’s gaze has started to fall on the Bride and her traditional wedding outfits, makeups, etc., etc.,

Then she noticed something unusual, rather saying unusual, she saw something very new to her. Yeah that’s the bride’s hairstyle. Out of curiosity, she promptly inquires her grandma about the hairstyle. After a Gasp, grandma started to recall her memory on Andal Kondai. Starting slowly, the first instance she explained was about Andal and her sense of style towards Konda. Instantly the question arises, who is Andal? She then exclaims and said, Andal is the Wife of Perumal!

Traditional Andal Kondai done by Dollup Makeover Artistry
Beautiful Hairstyle done by Nehaa Raj
Attrative Andal kondai done by Divya
Andal Kondai done by Nehaa Raj
Traditional Hairstyle done by Geetha Rajamanickam
Bridal Hairstyle done by Makeup Studio Academey by Kiinjal
Andal Kondai done by Lekha Neelakantappa
Bridal Hairstyle done by Geetha Rajamanickam
Wedding Hairstyle done by Rashmi Prem
Beautifully designed Invitation by Sporg Stores
Beautiful Andal Kondai Captured by Nagendra Mayya

The Konda became so famous for its unique placement and add-ons. Not too far , not too front but its placed on the midway of skull and slightly to the left side make it so unique to recognize so easily compared to others and the main thing is, people seeing it for the time, can also identify it isn’t a normal Kondai, but something unique. That’s the specialty of this Andal Kondai. Size being varying, add-ons of numerous options, Florals or gold chains, pick up from N number of options that is available.

This hairstyle can be widely seen in the regions of Kerala and across brahmins. But that doesn’t define its only allotted and should be used by them. The devotees or Andal’s, unconditional love towards Perumal can also opt for this Kondai’s.

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